Above: "Sunset on the Farm Pond," 9 x 12, oil on board (2017)

My Art Journey

My art interests are wide-ranging: from abstract to semi-representational, and from landscapes to still life. Starting as a watercolorist, my work has been predominately in oil since 2008, but I sometimes paint using acrylic, oil over acrylic, and oil with cold wax.

My first career was in the law, first as a legal aid attorney and then Deputy Director of Legal Services of North Carolina. After that, I worked at Duke Law School for 24 years. I was an Associate Dean for many years and taught Poverty Law for 22 years as a Senior Lecturing Fellow through 2015. 

Each time I have returned to art as my primary passion, I am surprised at how far back my interest in art was evident. For example, I took drawing while an undergrad student at UNC Chapel Hill (where I also graduated from law school). During the transition from my first legal career to my second, I had a period of three years taking lessons and producing many water colors paintings. 

Then, many years later, retirement from my legal career allowed a return to art. Since then I have studied with many great artists and have taken classes in watercolor, oil, acrylics, cold wax, palette-knife painting and pottery. Also, I am an avid reader of both historical and contemporary art. I have had the good fortune of travel and this always includes seeking out art museums wherever I go. I am sure that most of you share my experience of spending hours in museums before paintings that make our hearts soar.  Like many painters, I am an avid photographer. I receive inspiration from thousands of photographs that I take during travels, as well as at home, in my garden and walking around the neighborhood. I see beauty or uniqueness almost everywhere.


Above: "Gingkos," 6 x 9, Oil and Cold Wax on paper (2016)
I have received a bit of recognition for my work. I was selected for the Corridors Exhibition at ArtSpace for three months in fall 2017 where nine pieces of my work were shown. I won first place at an art show at Duke Law School, and I received a recognition for excellence by the judges of the 2000 Duke University Employee Arts and Crafts Exhibition.  These awards resulted in display of the selected work at Duke Medical Center and Duke Law School.

Thank you for your interest in my art journey!