Blogs & Essays - I Have Something to Say!

Dear Art Lovers, 


I not only love to create art. I also like to read, write and think about art. So I will be sharing my thoughts periodically about art, the producing of art, the history of art, and the philosophy of art, whenever I have something to say.

My first blog is called "All the Art We Cannot See" that I posted before my web launch. I will follow that with a posting about once per month. Once this website is published, the blog titles for blogs 2 through 6 after "All the Art We Cannot See" are:

  • Consistency versus Originality
  • Is This Your Work?
  • The Various Reasons to Make Art
  • I Grow Older and Bolder
  • What Does It Mean for an Artist to Paint from her Psyche?

I hope you enjoy!